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2014-04-29 16:35:002014-04-21 20:00:00TrueTrueDeployment of water distribution program2014-04-30 16:30:002014-04-22 10:00:00FalseTrueMinister of Water and Irrigation signed agreements with 2.5 million dinars for water projects in the the North2014-04-30 11:00:002014-04-30 09:55:00FalseFalseMinister of Water: Rehabilitation Station Ain Ghazal will be a transitional phase
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Minister Message

The Minister of Water and Irrigation d . Hazem Nasser law standard and we will put a barrier between us and any aggressor , and a two-way direction of prolonged gains and Mmtclat water which are gains to the nation and the rights of the Jordanians , and the direction of the defaulting of the water sector against citizens alike.

The minister promised Nasser during the celebration of World Water Day Moatin that workers in the water sector Sinhion all aware of their responsibilities and ICTDAR and we will be a barrier to anyone who tries to attack the capabilities of water unjustly .

He added no more fresh water resources in the Arab region to 1% of the global water , in light of the challenges are increasing day after day , not the first climate change and resource depletion , in the absence of integrated management and the weakness of good governance , and overlap with regional conflicts and common rights .

He noted that the water deficit Arab log about 45 billion m 3 is currently up in 2030 to 127 billion m 3 with a decrease in rainfall of 20% because of what ails our area of climate change , and its significant negative effects on the sustainability of our water resources and how to handle them , and to maintain in the face of rising costs on large development and operation .

According to UN studies of the reality of water in the Arab region that the price of water in our region will exceed by 11 times those in other countries by 2030 .

He stressed that the ministry has implemented plans for urgent and immediate , especially the completion of the Disi project to meet the growing demand for water in the influx of millions of brothers, year after year.

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